Our trial centres

Facilities & Staff

Richmond Pharmacology operates from dedicated, access-controlled units in two acute NHS hospitals within the St George's Hospital and Croydon Health Services NHS Trusts in London. Our two Trial Centres, with a total of 100 beds, provide the gold-standard in subject safety with 24 hour crash team access and immediate access to emergency and intensive care facilities within both hospitals we are located in. Our volunteer recreation facilities include a variety of materials, specifically designed for our Japanese volunteers whilst with us during a study in-house period.

Our MHRA Standard and Supplementary Accreditation is a clear sign of our continued commitment to providing the highest level of subject safety on all studies conducted within our two hospital based Early Phase trial centres.


The Bridging Study Team at RPL has extensive knowledge of the conduct in all areas of Bridging Studies and Early Phase clinical trials, with ongoing training to sustain our high standards. Our three onsite directors are all clinical pharmacologists and lead a dedicated team of experienced individuals.

An understanding of both language and culture ensures that all aspects of the study are correctly documented and a safe and comfortable environment is provided for the Japanese volunteers. Our Japanese speaking staff work in our Volunteer Recruitment Department, our Project Management Department and in our clinical teams on the ward and at outpatient visits.


Richmond Pharmacology provides a wide range of menu options for our volunteers during a study. This includes a custom designed Bridging Study Menu to suit both Caucasian and Japanese tastes. Meals are specifically designed to study requirements and managed by chefs in our onsite kitchens.