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Our Patients and Volunteers

We have a dedicated in-house Japanese recruitment department, supported by a targeted marketing strategy and our bespoke brand trials4japanese. Through our innovative approach to marketing and recruitment of this specialist population, we receive approximately 150-200 enquiries per month from potential Japanese volunteers.

Our recruitment team makes up the UK's largest in-house volunteer recruitment department, maintaining a database of over 180,000 registered volunteers, including more than 4,500 registered Japanese volunteers

Our Japanese recruitment team aim to provide all Japanese volunteers with a unique experience that makes them want to return to do another trial. Our care and attention for all volunteers has helped to ensure that approximately 45% of all volunteers taking part in a study with us will return to take part in another of our studies.

Japanese Volunteer Marketing:

To generate awareness and interest in our trials amongst the Japanese community, we deliver sustained and targeted marketing campaigns. Our approach has been very successful to date as the messages and design are constantly monitored to insure they are tailored to the taste of our Japanese target population.

The make up of our Japanese volunteers population

Our Japanese volunteers are 1st generation subjects who have Japanese parents and grandparents. In most studies we are asked to provide volunteers that were born in Japan, have a Japanese passport and have been living outside of Japan for less than 5 years. Potential Japanese volunteers can find out more about participating by visiting www.trials4japanese.co.uk or by calling our international and UK free phone numbers. All Japanese volunteers will be cared for by our dedicated and bilingual Japanese Recruitment Project Managers from initial enquiry and throughout their participation in a study.