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A clinical trial facility that conducts early-stage clinical trials in two hospitals owned by Richmond Pharma College (hereinafter referred to as RPL) was certified by MHRA as Standard and Supplementary. In other words, we have proved that the safety of subjects participating in all the trials we conduct is always the highest standard. We are the earliest CRO in the UK and our company is the only center to set up a clinical trial center in the two acute university hospitals of NHS.
Suppliers who have been certified by us are accredited by the European highest standards. In other words, we can conduct clinical trials at all early stages, such as clinical trials that require consideration of risk by the Expert Advisory Group or EAG.

Requests for specialized clinical trials such as clinical trials of human first dose as well as QT test, bridging study for Japanese, clinical trials related to gastrointestinal disorders, clinical trials, etc. are also awarded certificates Please leave it to us with over 400 initial stage clinical trial implementation experience and world-class scientific advisory committee.

For details on MHRA Phase I certification system , please visit MHRA website .